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Kashif Din

Times are Changing Rapidly with Kashif Din

Kashif Din is a young and talented businessman. Since his first company, which he developed straight out of college, Din has taken the United Kingdom by storm. He currently has four companies operating in the UK area that he can take credit for opening. As an IT specialist and enthusiast, Din must keep up with the times around him, which are constantly changing.

The Emergence of Tablets

Tablets are becoming more popular than ever in business. A relatively new innovation, tablets are interesting pieces of technology that act as a simple screen that users can touch to control. There is a variety of tablets out there from a variety of vendors, but the most popular is probably the Apple iPad.

iPads are changing the way that men and women conduct business daily. They function quite like a computer, but with touch screen technology instead of a keyboard. Furthermore, since they do not have to always have a keyboard attached, they are lightweight and easy to be transported.

Their sleek design makes them perfect for a number of events and needs for which computers were once used. These tablets are amazing, for example, for company-wide meetings. Employees can communicate clearly and directly. In addition to meetings, tablets are amazing tools for sales fairs. Their light weight allows sales reps to transport them to potential customers. Then, reps can show customers colorful demos, and take orders right on the spot.

As time progresses, the number of computers being purchased pales in comparison to the number of tablets. Their sleek, compatible design makes them highly attractive for work and play.

Din: Tablet Enthusiast

Kashif Din is a man who works with more tablets than other people can imagine. As a technology man, he understands the many uses of tablets, and so his companies work to push the prevalence of tablets in the business world and other settings. His first company, for example, Quaduro Systems, works to supply the military and other more rigorous professions with tablets that can keep up. As a result, the company develops durable tablets with Windows software. These tablets come with built in hard casing to protect the tablets, which allows the military and others to enjoy the simplicity of tablets without fearing of breaking them.

Din also created a new company to help businesses enjoy tablets at a smaller cost. This innovation is called Hire By using this website, businesses can rent iPads for important events such as meetings and sales fairs. Renting tablets as opposed to buying is far cheaper. Din’s service goes above and beyond by offering software solutions, IT troubleshooting, and system set up. Din’s amazingly helpful services help bring more people into the tablet age. In fact, after just 9 months of opening, Din was helping over 1,000 clients to use their iPads to their best extent.